Take These, Feel Better

by Detectives

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released June 27, 2017

All songs written by Glenn Lindberg.

Scary & Blue samples Marcus Krunegård "Noiserock i Japan", Hallucinogen "Jiggle of the Sphinx".
Stay this way samples The Honey Drippers "Impeach the President", Deftones "Be quiet and drive (acoustic)".



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Detectives Sweden

Two people making sweet sugary mellifluous music.

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Track Name: Scary & Blue
My brother said alright, this is my time
to shine and feel alive.
A babies head just might
be scary and a little blue
And it won’t help you
with what needs to be done
to make your life go by

without any problems
without any problems
without any problems
without any problems

I myself said ”okay, this might be my time
to change the way I live and how I go about.”
And so what if I mess up?
It won’t change a thing
I’m just growing old, so why not take a chance?
Track Name: Juicebox
Ever since I heard about you I've been feeling a lot better.
I look at the city with brand new eyes.
When will you be born so I can show you all great things?
Not everyone is nice but we will sort that out.

I guess nothing will be the same, that’s fine.
I don’t mind, I don’t mind.
It doesn't matter how much cash you got, a nice summer day everyone will smile.

So tell your parents you're no match at all.
Made out of smooth skin and baby oil.
With a stroller through a very cold Stockholm is something that doesn’t fright me at all.

I miss what I can’t have anymore.

I guess I put a baby in you now. It’s just life, it’s just life.
"Are you excited about having a child?”
No matter what will happen, she’s alright.

Cause ever since I heard about you I’ve been feeling a lot better.
Appreciate my routines more and more, though they’re chores.

So tell your folks you have the summers soul.
Are we part of something beautiful?
Stockholm suddenly doesn’t feel as cold
Hey come here I wanna tell you something more.

I miss what I can’t have anymore.
Track Name: Humdrum
Guess I could leave right now
I only want something
to make me feel great and fulgent
whatever gets me up is alright

I guess I have no more self esteem
Shit really hit the fan this time
Like I would care about anything right now
besides myself, yeah I know. It ain’t nice.

Every little amp I’ve seen so far
takes me a too a place where I belong

I guess I'm a bastard after all.
I take the pride out of people but I try to really mean what I say, but I don’t.
I can always try to be pretend I’m someones fault.
A lack of respect doesn't mean something bad will happen to me. It seems like I only bleed if I fake it.
The beats I hear are true so don’t change them.

Some people might say you’re a waste of space.
Go further with your trail of thought.

I tell these little truths with great authority but forget about them the next day.
Track Name: I Think of You from Time to Time
Used, trampled down in the dirt. A life that grows in someone’s heart.
My worn out sutures is a shitty sign.
I think of you from time to time.

Everything here still costs a lot, we don't make enough, we stay right put.
Stack boxes all around ourselves. What happened to our free wild thoughts? They're gone.

Hiding in the field, run around the moor, far away from our minds.
Someone else caress them now, they're far better off than with us.
Like a dog taken to a farm, shot in the head. Buried in the backyard.
Run straight into the sunset. Be free among the daisies and blue bells.
Don't stay put at home.
Don't stay put at home.

If there's something I'd change it would be me. My arms and my lungs - here take them, sold at gas stations they're almost free.
Don't mind me.
Lukewarm and made out of fear of taking things to serious.
A sloppy midwife did stitch you up.
Things turn out better when there’s no rush.

Hiding in the field, run around the moor, far away from our minds.
Someone else caress them now, they're far better off than with us.
Like a dog taken to a farm, shot in the head. Buried in the backyard.
Run straight into the sunset. Be free among the daisies and blue bells.
Track Name: Negro Spiritual
I knew I was far from my harbour.
I knew I had no wind in my sails.
Something pulled me down in the water.
Got baptised without realising a thing.

I knew it wasn't anything religious.
No epiphany that made me who I am.
Slept inside for a year and got better.
Came back outside and did the same thing again.

So I led you through, Bed-Stuy that sunny afternoon.
You had your eyes closed shut, and you were pregnant with our kid.

Got up early, walked outside and left our brownstone. There was gospel playing in a church close by.
The locals looked so friendly as they stood there. Negro spiritual in wild harmony.

So the sweet side of it all is really quite enviable.
If it grabbed on to me, I'd probably just give up and roll with it.

Roll with it.
Roll with it.
Roll with it and become something.
Track Name: Behind That Kit
Take a break from your brain, here take this drink
It will help you through this weekend hell.
Hold my hand in the parking lot outside.
You’ll be fine just remember what I said.

That no one knows what you’re going through, so just fake it now.

It’s like thousand snakes and needles inside your belly.
Warpaint, guns and rifles now blast off.
So when the conversation starts to get a little blurry
What you need right now is a good nights sleep.

Celebrities all brag and circle jerk about
silly little pills too help with small mood swings.
Beautiful red leaves fall. Autumn here I come.
Can I bring my good friend? He’s not feeling that well.
Just wanna play a tune
So get behind that kit and bang those drums you bitch.

Seems a bit weird, when I take your place in
tunes that I write. It’s enough to hate it.
Guess that I said ”at least pretend you’re feeling better, man”
Although you are sad, there’s a part inside that makes you
stronger with time.
Track Name: Stay This Way
She will stay this way if only life has had it’s say
There nothing pushing me away, at least on paper things are great.
No need for tension when there’s that much plaster on your heart.
I’m taking guesses in my sleep.
Like a horse that runs around your track and then collapse.

Nothing that keeps me away. I walk around and waste a day.
My great compulsion has no name, but yet I practice it with persistence. Please stay.

Take me my baby. Cause I want you now and I’m here.

Unlike other folks I know, you’re the reason I come home.
Tender is not enough.

So take me my baby cause I want you now and I curl up beside you and say ”will you stay this way”
Track Name: Finger Lakes
This car runs on gas that's older than you. You didn't exist back when I filled it up, but now you certainly do and I love you.
Let's take a ride, we can go anywhere. You sit beside me and tell me the directions. And even though you can't speak, I think I understand you.

Life just never felt like this. Something is buzzing in my head. I need an hours rest without noise and fights.
Wish you could meet the folks that aren't here. They exist only in my mind. I'll try to tell you about them as much as I can.

When ever ride you take is a struggle
Time passes really slow, I know.

This car takes us north, it's colder up there. You hate to wear your wool cap and your sweater. But this time I decide, or you'll catch a cold.
Seven months old is not very much. I remember when you were just newborn. It's a whole lifetime for you but a flash for me.

When ever ride you take is a struggle
Time passes really slow, I know.

Don't change, change, change, change, change, change.

I fear the day when you move out. Pack your bag and wave bye bye bye.
But for now you stay put. Me and your mom will make sure that there's plenty of room for you.
Track Name: Pillr
Robin rarely makes mistakes, but now he's lost his memory.
Walks around with a pad. Got a bunch of pills in his hand.
Guess everyone has a place. Where one feels safe. I’ve seen hospital beds turn into pieces of friends.

And I want your ears, to hear what I hear.

Gotta turn it up a notch. This health problem never stops.
Whatever cash you need. Stesolid, sobril.
Tune your pitch to match the street. Sweat, insomnia, crash, repeat.
Uses technical terms, some shit just gets worse.

And I want your ears, to hear what I hear.
Clear and full bright sounds. Twinkle your mind.

Gotta fight it on your own, gotta grab it by it's horns.
Gotta learn to really love, what you hate to hear from us.
Gotta learn to feel real great, when there's poison in your brain.
Let you sail away. Find your sound.
Track Name: A Year Has Passed
Well I want you my mind. Please help me so, I can get some rest from weary mind. And I hate to see you go. So what if nothing change I rather stay this way.

I hate to say that a year has passed.

Gotta get you off my mind or maybe live my life the way I wanna live. I wish you could be right here. It’s so fucking unfair.
Why did you not grow old to see my first born girl?

A year runs fast when you’re not here.

So my brain can’t complain, there’s nothing that I didn’t say.
In fact there was no time, to comprehend what was on my mind that day.
I wanted to be some other place.
I packed my camera. Figured it must be some kind of vacation.
And I hate that city ever since I stepped on that train that day.
Please just take me away.

A year runs fast when you’re not here.
Track Name: Anything Wobbly
You made a statement you regret. Even though somethings never stick.
Lovers can only take good care of something that's there.

You act the same way as your mom, taking on too much when tired. What you need now is to chill out, enjoy yourself I guess.

You got to build and scrap and fight and push. First things first ooh ooohh. A babys smile will only heal it’s parents needs.

"Rotterdam, Haag och Amsterdam - snälla ni ta mig någonstans", something along those lines you said as we went there.

Lets just pack up and leave this place. You got ambitions you have said.
Maybe someday move to Berlin. Raise our kid to be something.
Track Name: Rhododendron
It took me a while to become something.
Then you arrived. Never do as I say, as I say.