by Detectives

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An album about changing and opposites.


released October 8, 2014

Glenn Lindberg (guitar, singing) and Robin Söderberg (drums).



all rights reserved


Detectives Sweden

Two people making sweet sugary mellifluous music.

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Track Name: Felt Pride
Sold out and saw my pride go wild
But it took me quite a while
I feel much better when I'm home
A part of me wants some peace right now
This is a starting point for something so much better now
Track Name: Drunk Boogie
When in harm there's not much to do only hold ones breath and wait
She won't mind if I set her up only so I get what I want
It's so easy to lick, yet so far from the truth, I'm so drunk drunk drunk.
I'm a shiny gentleman, mumble dribble just for you, I'm so drunk drunk drunk

and it feels just like I've wasted all my time
and it feels just like I'm wasted in this tune

Sometimes I feel like hell there's a cure but it doesn't really heal me
Sometimes my self esteem is really low
I tell you it's shit, just shit, so shit
Inside lives a boy knows me well and tells me you are quite pathetic
But if I will down some more maybe then can I score? Go home and feel like shit the next day

and it feels just like I've wasted all my time
and it feels just like I'm wasted in this tune

Nothing amusing ever happens and we fall asleep right now
You remember who you really are and I remember who I'm really not
Track Name: The North Pole
I guess I could waste time watching cancan shows alone
Robin went abroad this year and I stayed home
I guess it's only fair enjoyed myself quite well so far
It's never easy no it's hard
Hello north pole

Do you think there's one just like me now that I do understand who I am?
In a year this will still be in head

There's no pharmaceutical cure for things like this
A small pill only leaves an acrid taste on your tongue
so please: me

Senorita Arriba!

When I'm on my bike in the city on the streets
All I want is some damn sleep

So I watch all the african prostitutes trying to sell themselves
One milkshake more and I'm in my bed

There's no pharmaceutical cure for things like this
A small pill only leaves an acrid taste on your tongue
so please: me

Like that rugged go-to-guy I am when I'm in the mood
A style that never wears out
Hold your banner high
But pretty quick the lazy me, reveals and *bam* here I stand
This is all I am will she want me now?
Track Name: Snatch
When I split you up I think I rather stay
Don't go home hang out with me
I'm hardly in love but does that mean I can not waste all my thoughts all over you?
All planes makes nausea show itself at night
Always wanted to see something other than my lonely bed
We're not two we're one if really try.

Afraid to under estimate lungs
Show up allright and make you come
Don't wanna become that rude cunt next to me planes sporting a crash suit
Crooked steps wobbling home in the city we always loathed but somehow accepted in a breath.

Sure gets colder and I try to keep you warm
Blankets drenched in sweat you lubricate
I feel so silly typing little metaphors next time I see you I will tell you out load
And I feel your pulse and well I feel an itch

So scratch it back just to see if it has always been this way
I'm not surprised it seemed to great last time I sneak peaked on you
Maybe if we bumped into each other would it mess things up?
Well I hope so - prolly not - but I hope so.

Track Name: My Only Friend
I know I'm the right age but the timing's so off
Now I see myself like someone else
She's now my only friend but it's way to early to have children cause I'm still one
In a way I'm not that scared, everything needs planning and we're not quite there.
I guess I will spend my life with her right now

Some time away is great but it also amplifies your feelings of feeling cross
We both get home we're safe the trial over now we're all right
And slowing things down has always been so boring

Way to early to say but I make conclusions anyway
A dog would rather hide bone than save it
Now when I finally have a better life than you without myself
Feel quite confident to sing so
And if you want me now I want you now I want

And it's not like this song hasn't been made before
If you worry enough you heart won't feel a thing
It's ready for the worst never caving in for what the brain begs it to do
Show another shape of fear everything is back to normal now that we don't have kids
Track Name: Nowhere Boy
I'm a nowhere boy but I'm so much better these days
Other alleys I stay away from there's nothing there that I care
We both grew up watching the same view as kids
But our minds have slowly burned it down as we return I know that

I'm home and you hold on because we're bored and we move on

I'm a hobos son and it's just my hearts longing nerve
That plays tricks on me when away
That strangles my will just for fun
Everything I've learned is something that I use to know before
And I try as hard as I can do, but all thoughts are just so

False now
No applause now
Because I'm wrong no need to help me out

Gonna spend my time on better things
Gonna change my ways so I don't feel ache
Gonna feel ok, gonna feel ok
So I put my mind on other things
I cry for help never helped but hey
Gonna feel ok, gonna feel ok
Track Name: Don't Wanna Stop
I never wanna have to stop doing the things that I like
All I need is change to get through the days I detest
Sometimes I feel like recreate the moods I make for you
I feel so damn good humming tunes about you and your life

Don't wanna stop.

Such feelings never helped me and they never stay
Maybe way too scared to know what I really wanna do
I'm not fucked up man I just want to be here
She's so sassy yeah she's so so so sassy
and I let her go where she wants to go
Track Name: Arabesque
I want you to sleep on your own
You hate all the pills I know
You can't forget what happens at day
Relax your brain it will be fine

So when you tell me you're no longer red
Feel a bit worried for the health
Track Name: Racehorse
I carry this weight alone but I don't mind
I'm always away but leave a part at home
These dreams float around only the day can break or fucking save em
You moan at my words, they're there because you are

And it feels just like I could be wrong now
And it feels just like I have no home

I need some nice red to feel comfy and to let go
Atleast that's what I tell myself when I'm to bored to even bother
Because honey if there's more than only fucking well then I'm down
I give what it takes, I'm here if you are mine

And it feels just like I could be wrong now
And it feels just like I have no home
And it feels just like I divide my time now
A racehorse that run but always loose
Track Name: Capporoller
Lets get some kids he said so won't clash
Stay clear of the dwelling sleep that we've shared so long

If you're wrapped in what you think is your own damn pride you are probably right
But I let it slip for now when I worry too much

Because you're mine now, you're mine now
It's mind numbing and vain how shit changes

Go go go go Glenn
You're my my my man

Been telling myself the same can I hold on tight?
I won't mind

It's ok because you're mine now, you're mine now
It's mind numbing and vain how shit changes
Track Name: Closer
Just want to be with her